Christie: 'I Am Now Ready'

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Still from 'Telling It Like It Is' video on Governor Chris Christie's campaign web site.
From New Jersey Public Radio

It was the least suspenseful cliffhanger in the history of cliffs.

Governor Christie has, essentially, been running for higher office for years. But now he is, officially, a presidential candidate.

This week, we head to Livingston High School for analysis on the announcement from New Jersey Public Radio's Matt Katz and the Star-Ledger's Tom Moran.

We're also joined by Robert Costa, national political reporter for the Washington Post. He’s seen a few national campaign launches and provides some context. He tells host David Furst that Christie's speech was 'a big moment for people in New Jersey. But (I'm) not so sure how many Republicans nationally are paying close attention.'

He adds, 'It's not so much a policy campaign... this is about the force of a persona.'

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