Chrisann Brennan on Her Life with Steve Jobs

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chrisann Brennan talks about her relationship with Steve Jobs, which began in high school. She describes Jobs’s ascent and the toll it took on her as his girlfriend, co-parent, friend, and object of his cruelty. The Bite in the Apple: A Memoir of My Life with Steve Jobs is about her life with Jobs, an idealistic young man who was driven to change the world, about a young father who denied his own child, and a man who she says mistook power for love.


Chrisann Brennan

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james from canada

Please read the book. She was there at the beginning and it is certainly an authentic voice and her writing is very unique and thoughtful. This is an early and important look at a very young Steve Jobs and I would add being an artist she has developed her own way of conveying the story..

Jan. 27 2014 05:47 PM
Lisa Strong from Nevada City, Ca

I just finished Chrisann's book. I am a friend of both Chrisann and Lisa's of 25 years. I probably wouldn't have listened to her interview, having just closed the book today. But seeing all of the terribly critical comments I felt I should listen in case she was really off or something. I mean really, "THE WORST"? This is Chrisann's authentic voice and she uses it very well, especially in her book. This just feels like the same reaction to her that media has propagated through the years. Get over it. It is her personal story from her perspective and you are either interested or you aren't.

Nov. 03 2013 02:08 AM
CM from Brooklyn

Leonard once said that one of his worst interviews was with Frank Sinatra's widow, who also had little to say. Maybe he should avoid guests who are known only for writing about a relationship with a famous person.

Oct. 29 2013 07:42 PM
JR from NYC

Painful to listen to. And what a flake.

Oct. 29 2013 02:13 PM

tom LI ~

Spoon-fed regurgitation is Ed's trademark.

He just can't help it.

Oct. 29 2013 01:35 PM

"I thought Leonard was asking too many leading questions too, contributing to the problem."

???huh? what is he supposed to do? just leave long pauses after her short one-phrase answers?

i was actually thinking, good thing the WNYC staff puts together a long list of questions, otherwise we'd be in even more trouble here...

Oct. 29 2013 01:05 PM
tom LI

To Ed from wash Hts - Jobs a control freak? Ya think, that's been the press on him for decades?!!!!!

Oct. 29 2013 12:57 PM
Edward from Washington Heights AKA pretentious Hudson Heights

Steve Jobs sounds like he was a major Control Freak - micro managing everything.

But he sure was successful.

Oct. 29 2013 12:42 PM
foodaggro from Brooklyn

Her pauses and flighty, mysterious affected speech suggested she enjoyed putting on the illusion of holding back some intimate information about Jobs. However, she admitted that he didn't let her in on what he did!

Oct. 29 2013 12:40 PM

I beg to differ. This is not as bad as The Jerry Lewis wreck

I'm not blaming LL.

Oct. 29 2013 12:38 PM
Sam from Astoria

"I guess that's what my book is about"...yeah, lots of guessing going on. First time I've ever been eager to get on with the pledge drive! I thought Leonard was asking too many leading questions too, contributing to the problem.

Oct. 29 2013 12:37 PM
CecilIa's kid from Inwood

Not an easy interview to listen to (especially for Jobs fans) and she sounded elusive ~ but...a different perspective that sheds (some) light on an interesting individual and why he lived and died as he did.

Oct. 29 2013 12:32 PM
Vinny from Manalapan

Has she gotten all the money from the book upfront already, and now she doing this interview out of obligation to the publisher? It sounds like this is the last place in the world she wants to be. The feeling is mutual.

Oct. 29 2013 12:29 PM
tom LI

Every Q sounds painful for her...are we sure this woman is THE Ms. Brennan, or someone who read the book?

No wonder a genius left, never really committed to her - she sounds about as smart as a keyboard. Who in their right mind would give her a book deal?

Oct. 29 2013 12:27 PM

Dumb folks typically rely on flightiness under the guise that it suggests deep thoughtfulness.

It's not working so well in this example.

Oct. 29 2013 12:25 PM
lizzy from NYC


Oct. 29 2013 12:24 PM
jgarbuz from Queens

I guess the moral of the story is, beware of who you sleep with. This is where the "sexual revolution" hits the shoals and rocks of reality.

Oct. 29 2013 12:24 PM
AMR from Montreal

Indeed. Simultaneously frustrating and boring.

Oct. 29 2013 12:23 PM
foodaggro from Brooklyn

Waste of time. She's so reluctant to give any interesting information, why is she even on the air?

Oct. 29 2013 12:19 PM

She's hard to take. This kind of fluff isn't worth wnyc listeners time

Oct. 29 2013 12:15 PM

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