Chris Christie's Gun Problem

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Back in the '90s, research from the CDC found that residents of homes with guns had a higher likelihood of violent death in the home.
From New Jersey Public Radio

Governor Christie's record on guns was already facing heavy scrutiny before the events of June 17th, when nine people were shot and killed in the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

In early June, Governor Christie traveled to South Carolina where he tried to gain credibility with the gun rights crowd - claiming that no new gun laws were made in New Jersey since he became governor. And in New Jersey he recently pardoned two people for illegally transporting guns in the state. Sounds like a guy big on the Second Amendment. But dig a little deeper and his track record tells a more complicated story.

Olivia Nuzzi who covers politics for The Daily Beast and New Jersey Public Radio’s Matt Katz join host David Furst to help explain the Governor's gun politics.

Also this week: we learned that Cami Anderson, the controversial superintendent of the Newark public school system, will be leaving on July 8th. Governor Christie also announced that three of his cabinet members will be leaving within the next few weeks. We’ll talk about the changes with the Star-Ledger’s Tom Moran.

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