#3306: Choral Properties

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For this New Sounds, hear choral music from a new recording of a score by Canadian composer Matthew Patton for the film “Tales From Gimli Hospital,” a film by Guy Maddin.  Patton has worked with world-class choreographers (the likes of Paul Taylor for a production called "Speaking in Tongues"), collaborated with with Icelandic musicians (members of múm and amiina) for a 2011 cinema-musical event of the film, and worked with filmmaker Guy Maddin on multiple occasions and in multiple projects.

Listen also to music with choral properties by Julianna Barwick, who creates a one-person chorus of many Juliannas (her own voice, looped), combined with warm drones and hypnotic piano.  Then there’s something from the soundtrack of  “Meetings with Remarkable Men,” the story of G.I. Gurdjieff, shot mostly on location in Afghanistan, featuring choral music from Laurence Rosenthal and Thomas de Hartmann.  Plus, music by Somei Satoh featuring an electronic chorus, choral music from Harold Budd, and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s recent remix of Meredith Monk’s “Astronaut Anthem.” 

PROGRAM # 3306 Choral Properties (First aired on 2/28/2012)                                                  





Matthew Patton

Tales from Gimli Hospital (private recording)

Epilogue [3:06]

This recording not yet commercially available.

Ambrosian Singers of London | Laurence Rosenthal, conductor

Meetings With Remarkable Men

Laurence Rosenthal/  Thomas de Hartmann: The Great Prayer [5:20]

Varese-Sarabande #STV-81129, reissued on Citadel records. Try Amazon.com*

Laurel MacDonald

Luscinia’s Lullaby

Nenia Sirenes [5:09]

Improbable Music #04

Richard Horowitz & Sussan Deyhim

Private recording

Bota Chin (unreleased version) [5:35]

A version of this song appeared on the Sony Classical CD, “Majoun,” #62721 which is now out of print, but try Amazon.com*
Another album, Desert Equations: Azax Attra is available for download at Emusic.com

Monk/Arr. Ryuichi Sakamoto

Monk Mix: Remixes & Interpretations Of Music By Meredith Monk

Astronaut Anthem [5:23]


Julianna Barwick

The Magic Place

Cloak [4:05]

Asthmatic Kitty Records AKR081

Harold Budd (feat. Maggie Thomas, harp)

The Pavilion of Dreams

Madrigals of the Rose Angel 2 - The Crystal Garden & A Coda Crystal Garden
Coda [4:44]

Editions EG #30
Available at Amazon.com*

Somei Satoh

Stabat Mater

Mantra, excerpt [13:02]

New Albion CD 016