Choral and/or Electronic Works


Hear electronic music informed by the sounds of choral music and the mirror image, blurring the boundaries between both. There’s choral music for a Norwegian video installation from percussionist/composer Qasim Naqvi of the band Dawn of Midi.  This music is informed by electronics, although the voices are unprocessed. Naqvi taught the singers how to embody the sonic characteristics of a monophonic synthesizer with their voices, hence the unusual vocal quality to the work. 

Listen to music for double choir that involves the slow evolution of textures, written for a performance art production by Danish composer Bo Holten. Then, hear a work from Finnish composer Einojuhani Rautavaara for male chorus and electronics. Also, listen to eerie astral music from a sound installation by songwriter and composer Ebe Oke, which blurs boundary between vocal and instrumental sounds. Plus, music made famous by “2001: A Space Odyssey” by the late Hungarian composer Gyorgi Ligeti, and music by German-born American-based artist Deuter as well.

PROGRAM #3624 Choral and/or Electronic Works, (First aired on 8/6/2014)  





Ebe Oke


Transit Of Venus, excerpt [1:00]

Ars Nova


Bo Holten: Orfeo Fragmenter II [4:19]

Ex Libris #30055 Danish CD by the choir Ars Nova. Info at

Einojuhani Rautavaara

The Myth of Sampo

Adoration Of Sampo [3:55]

Ondine #842 or available on

Qasim Naqvi


Gloppedalsura I [3:25]

Jurgen Knieper

Wings Of Desire

Cathedral of Books [2:42]

Elektra/Nonesuch #79210

Ebe Oke


Transit Of Venus [6:21]

See above.


Call of the Unknown: Selected Pieces 1972-1986

Haleakala Mystery [11:40]

Available at

London Sinfonietta Voices | Terry Edwards, conductor

Ligeti: A Cappella Choral Works

György Ligeti: Lux Aeterna [7:49]

Sony 62305