#3628: Choral Music, Gamelan-Style

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Listen to music for chorus, "gamelan-style" on this New Sounds.  Japanese drummer and composer Yoshimi is the mastermind behind OOIOO, an improvisation-based project whose latest effort, “Gamel” revolves around voices and gamelan instruments, (with a bit of electric guitar and weird effects.) Yoshimi also drums for the Boredoms, helped curate the epic gatherings of drummers/percussionists between the two bridges in in 2007, “77 Boadrum” and “88 Boadrum” (on 8/8/2008), and is involved in many other musical ventures. [Yes, she is the enigma for whom the Flaming Lips album “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" was named.] Listen to the gamelan-based wonder that is “Don Ah," from “Gamel,” the seventh record from OOIOO, which is all sorts of curious, and full of freewheeling manic energy.

Also, hear music for gamelan and chorus by Lou Harrison in a work, "La Koro Sutro," featuring the Esperanto translation of the Buddhist Heart Sutra, where stately chiming Indonesian-like gamelan instruments built by his partner William Colvig support beautiful choral melodies. Then, listen to music for gamelan and string band instruments like mandolin and cello by Ben Rogalsky, who is a composer and a member of Gamelan Madu Sari, an Indonesian-style gamelan based in Vancouver. Plus, hear the interlocking patterns of the Ketjiak, or Ramayana Monkey Chant, one of the great choral traditions of Indonesia – all performed with voices, instead of metal percussion.


PROGRAM #3628 choral music, gamelan style (First aired on 8/15/2014)  





OOIOO (Yoshimi P-We)


Don Ah, excerpt [2:00]

Thrill Jockey 371

Gamelan Madu Sari


Ben Rogalsky: From heaven to earth [5:03]

Songlines 2406

OOIOO (Yoshimi P-We)


Don Ah [9:53]

Thrill Jockey 371

Music from the Morning of the World

(Music from Bali)

The Balinese Gamelan

Ketjak: The Ramayana Monkey Chant [11:00]

Nonesuch/Explorer #79814

Lou Harrison

La Koro Sutro

La Koro Sutro, Parts 1,4,5,6,7 [19:33]

New Albion #015
Out of print, but available digitally. (Amazon.com offers only a CDR of the New Albion recording.)
The work has also been recorded by BMOP as a 2014 release, available via Amazon.com,
Emusic.com,  or iTunes