#3311: Children of the Otter

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For this New Sounds, hear some music that has not yet been released on CD by the Russian composer Vladimir Martynov - an epic project called “Children of the Otter.”  The work blends the ancient Tuvan sounds of the throat-singing ensemble Huun Huur Tu with a contemporary chamber orchestra and a choir singing poetry of the Russian avant-garde poet Velimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922.)

Named “Children of the Otter” after the eponymous poem by Khlebnikov, the work is based on Siberian folklore that worships Otter as the Mother of All People.  So far, it’s only out on DVD in Russia, and on this New Sounds show…

PROGRAM #3311 Children of the Otter (First aired on 3/9/2012)                                                               





Vladimir Martynov, Tatiana Grindenko, with Huun Huur Tu

Children of the Otter DVD

Vladimir Martynov: Children of the Otter, excerpts [51:00]

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