Channel-Surf New Fries' Surreally Funky Fever Dream

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A still from New Fries' "JZIII" video.

There's always been something perversely funky about New Fries' freaky no-wave radiations. But the Toronto band's new mini-LP MORE significantly upgrades its weirdness by incorporating discordant synths and pronounced bass lines that recall ESG's mutant dance music.

Director Seth Scriver animates New Fries' hollering, funky fever dream "JZIII" into a surreal channel-surfing session. In thickly brushed, brightly colored, MS Paint-style animation, we flip through a bizarro cable landscape as a grandma gets stuck in cement for nefarious reasons, a troll swipes right with fingerling toes, a "Dink Noise Trillionaire" inaugurates the Dink Nose Tower, and... Roseanne.

MORE is out now on Telephone Explosion.

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