#3630: Chamber Music With Turntables and Electronics

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Listen to electronic chamber music on this edition of New Sounds, including a suite for string quartet and diverse machines, chamber music with electronic and factory noises, as well as a work for violin, piano and the pre-recorded sounds of voices. From composer Randall Woolf, hear his piece “Bodegas” which uses violin and turntable over a bed of drum machine and synthesizers. Written for violinist Jennifer Choi, the work also incorporates found sounds recorded in a bodega.

Also, hear a work by Annie Gosfield with mechanical samples, crashing metal and layers of ambient noise, all crafted into a nearly danceable musical odyssey through a working factory. Plus, a work by Bruno Letort, and something from Daniel Bernard Roumain as well.

PROGRAM #3630 Chamber Music with Turntables and Electronics (First aired on 8/20/2014)  





Jennifer Choi

Violectrica (Music for Violin and Electronics)

Randall Woolf: Bodegas (No Luck, No Happiness, Try To Believe, Light Up The Sky, Done Kick'd Em Out)

Classical Jam 01

Annie Gosfield

Flying Sparks and Heavy Machinery

EWA 7: Impulse Turbine [12:23]

Tzadik 7069

Raja Kassis

Human Being

Bright And Sunny Day, excerpt [1:00]

Due out September 9, 2014

Procede Rodesco-Letort

Volume Premier

Bruno Letort: Suite for String Quartet and Diverse Machines [11:34]

Tangram TC #3026
Out of print, but somehow for sale here:


Mendi + Keith Obadike


Daniel Bernard Roumain   : Blimp/Sky from DBR's One Loss Plus, excerpt

Bridge #9285