#3748: Chamber Music With an Electronic Boost

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Composer Juhani Nuorvala

Listen to chamber music works with an electronic boost on this New Sounds show. Finnish composer Juhani Nuorvala blends American minimalism & 1980's pop on his 2009 piece, “Boost,” written for cellist and composer Juho Laitinen and Moog synthesizer. There’s also music from New York-based RighteousGIRLS, who are flutist Gina Izzo and pianist Erika Dohi along with electronics which alter, boost, and process the sounds. Listen to music written for the duo by composer/producer Pascal Le Boeuf as well as a work featuring guest musician composer Andy Akiho on steel pan. Then, hear “Exploding Stars,” a work for violin and electronics by Ireland’s Linda Buckley as well as Michael Gordon’s work for cello and electronics, “Industry.” And more. 

PROGRAM #3748–  Electronically Boosted Chamber Music  (First aired on 07/08/2015)             





Juho Laitinen, cello

Jouko Laivuori, Moog sunthesizer

Nuorvala 7.13

Juhani Nuorvala: Boost -, excerpt [1:00]

Alba Records ABCD 376

Righteous GIRLS (Flute - Gina Izzo

Piano, prep pf - Erika Dohi_

Gathering Blue

Pascal Le Boeuf: GIRLS [4:19]

New Focus Recordings/Panoramic PAN 03


Righteous GIRLS Pascal Le Boeuf, layering

Gathering Blue

Pascal Le Boeuf: gathering blue (Interlude) [1:42]

See above.

Righteous GIRLS (Feat. Andy Akiho)

Gathering Blue

Akiho: KARakurENAI (Foreign Crimson) [4:59]

See above.

Righteous GIRLS

Gathering Blue

Pascal Le Boeuf: Robe Threader (Interlude) [1:35]
Pascal Le Boeuf: Out of the Blue (Postlude) [1:17]

See above.

Maya Beiser

Bang on a Can All-Stars-

Bang on a Can Classics


Michael Gordon: Industry [10:20]

Cantaloupe Records 21010 


Juho Laitinen, cello

Jouko Laivuori, Moog synthesizer

Nuorvala 7.13

Juhani  Nuorvala: Boost [12:16]

Alba Records ABCD 376

Linda Buckley Darragh Morgan, vln


Linda Buckley: Exploding Stars for Violin and electronics [8:08]



live recording

Linda Buckley Azure, excerpt [1:45]