Challenging Stock Photo Stereotypes with Getty's Lean In Collection

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One of the photos of real working women found in Lean In and Getty's updated stock image collection.

The era of the picture-of-the-woman-juggling-a-briefcase-and-a-baby is over. Jessica Bennett, journalist and contributing editor at, talks about the organization's partnership with Getty Images to curate a collection of stock photo images that show realistic, empowered women. And we launch a related photo project, gathering photos of #NotYourStockWoman (details below).

Photo Project!

→ Update: We've started collecting some of our favorites here.

Here's how WNYC is getting in on the project: We’re inviting you to send in your own personal photo that you think represents updated, modern, real working womanhood. Take the photo, and then tag it #NotYourStockWoman on Instagram or Twitter. We'll feature our favorites on the website, and maybe we can even convince Getty and Lean In to feature some of them as well. Just use the tag #NotYourStockWoman. Check out the results on Twitter and Instagram. We'll feature our favorites on the WNYC website soon.

Images from the Lean In Collection on Getty