#3724: With The Cellar and Point

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the cellar and point

The Cellar and Point is a septet who fall squarely into the genre of downtowny garage-chamber jazz-tronica, which is to say, wonderful and un-categorizable. Their tunes are co-written by drummer/producer Joseph Branciforte and guitarist Christopher Botta, who put together a dream team of musicians, with strings, guitar, bass, drums, along with vibraphone (sometimes bowed), and a dash of the occasional piano and banjo. (Members also perform with JACK Quartet, Mivos Quartet, Ensemble Signal, and Mantra Percussion.)  For this New Sounds, The Cellar and Point visit with John Schaefer in the studio - dodging the question of the meaning of their band name and reflecting upon the difficulty of keeping together a big band with so many members touring with other groups. Also, Branciforte and Botta detail how the music is mostly notated, but that their process still leaves room for sound experimentation with effects, as well as improvisation.  Plus, hear the “Morton Feldman-indie rock” guitar tuning.  Listen to live performances of music from their excellent record, "Ambit," which made John Schaefer's top 10 of 2014.

PROGRAM #3724– With the Cellar and Point (First aired on 05/08/2015)             





The Cellar and Point


0852, excerpt [1:00]

Cuneiform Records RUNE 376

The Cellar and Point

Live, April 2015, WNYC

Arc [8:16]
Ruminant [5:54]
Purple Octagon [5:06]

This performance not commercially available. These tunes appear on the release, “Ambit”

Kronos Quartet with Aki Takahashi, piano

Feldman: Piano & String Quartet

Morton Feldman: Piano & String Quartet, excerpt [5:49]

Nonesuch 79320

Ancient Ocean, with Aaron Martin, cello and bowed banjo, Craig Schenker on sax, & JS Aurelius, processed piano

Blood Moon

(J .R. Bohannon): Beargrass Creek [14:33]

Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records
Due out June 30, 2015