Jamaica Kincaid on James Baldwin: "Love is Something You Do"

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James Baldwin

"Every African-American household ought to have a complete collection of James Baldwin's work," says the novelist Jamaica Kincaid. In what would be his 90th year, James Baldwin is being recognized for his lasting impact as a writer and activist with a year-long celebration, kicking off with "James Baldwin, This Time!"The festival's curator Lawrence Weschler was joined by participants Jamaica Kincaid, author of See Now Then, and Rich Blint, Baldwin scholar and associate director of the Office of Community Outreach and Education for the School of the Arts at Columbia University, to talk about James Baldwin's life and work and his idea of love in a conversation about race.

→ EVENTS: James Baldwin, This Time! takes place April 23 - 27 at New York Live Arts, 219 West 19th Street in Chelsea.  Click through for ticket information.

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