Episode 3: Prowling the Catwalk with the Lyons

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Taraji P. Henson and Pitbull weren't about to show up at Leviticus looking anything but fly.

We know … we’re only three episodes in, but we strongly felt the need to hit “pause” this week and acknowledge something fiercely consistent about Season 2 that we can no longer ignore – the threads in the Lyons den. From Cookie’s power ensembles that bring a new sophistication, to her “fat gold chain” power suit, all the way to Andre's sweaters...this show's fashion game is on fleek.

This week we chat with style gurus Serena da Conceicao, Creative Director for the Nicki Minaj line, and GQ's "Style Guy" Mark Anthony Green who break down for us why the wardrobe and style for this show matters. 

And, as always, there's plenty of Cookie love.


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