Cat Abandons Fish Truck for Brooklyn Public Library

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Turns out a cat who went missing for months was just catching up on some reading.

Rosie, a Long Island cat that went missing after stowing away on a fish truck nearly eight months ago, resurfaced this week, after a brief residency in the basement of the Brooklyn Public Library.

Rosie’s owner, Stephanie Villani, said the curious cat sneaked aboard her husband’s fish truck last Memorial Day weekend, hitching a ride to the farmer’s market at Grand Army Plaza where the couple has been selling fish for more than 20 years. When Villani’s husband opened the doors of the truck, Rosie surprised him by leaping out and sprinting into nearby Prospect Park.

The family enlisted the help of friends, coworkers, and customers, tirelessly searching for Rosie and following up on reported sightings around the farmer’s market for months, but to no avail.

That is, until this Monday, when the family got a call from staff at One Love Animal Hospital. Apparently, Rosie was being fed and cared for by staff at the library, who eventually brought her to the hospital for treatment. The hospital got in touch with the Villanis after scanning Rosie’s microchip.

Villani said they got the news while on vacation in Florida. “My six year old was ready to jump in the car and drive 1,500 miles to go get Rosie,” Villani said, “on the day of the blizzard no less!”

Villani also said she’s surprised by all the attention Rosie has been getting, especially in the comments section of a post on Blue Moon Fish’s Facebook page.

“I guess it’s nice to hear a story with a happy ending,” Villani said. “So many people helped us, it was really very nice to see. I understand that the folks at the library and the animal hospital were all ecstatic when they heard that Rosie was going home to her family.”

Rosie was missing for nearly eight months. (Photo by Stephanie Villani)