Week 8: Can Protests Lead To Real Change?

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A little over eight years ago the first Tea Party protests erupted urging Congress to repeal a stimulus package. The protests targeted big government, taxes, and government bailouts. Since then, our country has seen the Occupy movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, armed protesters at an Oregon wildlife refuge, prolonged protests at the proposed site of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and this January's Women’s March on Washington.

As Americans, protesting is in our DNA. Resistance is woven into the fabric of our democracy on all sides, some peaceful and some not. How has this disruptive nature helped to shape our republic? How has our propensity to protest shaped democracy, discourse, and our American identity?

On this episode of Indivisible, host Kerri Miller talks with Aimee Allison, co-director of Democracy in Color, and musician Chastity Brown about protest movements and what our collective urge to stand up and speak out has done to our democracy.

Here are some tweets from this episode: