A Campaign Stuck in First Gear

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Still from 'It's About You' video on Governor Chris Christie's campaign web site.

Is the campaign money bag half full or half empty? Or wait, maybe the bag is just way too small.

Reaction to the first fundraising reports from Governor Christie's presidential campaign varied. Christie's team said they were pleased about how much money they had. Pundits called it a disappointing haul. NJPR's Matt Katz says "It's what you would expect from someone who is now clearly a second-tier candidate." This week, Matt joins host David Furst to assess the state of the finances.


We address reports of dwindling support for Governor Christie’s presidential campaign among New Jersey Republicans with State Assembly Minority Leader, Jon Bramnick. Plus, we ask about his side career as a stand-up comic - not the safest gig for a politician on the eve of a general election. But, Bramnick notes, "all comedy is a risky proposition."

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