A Civic Call for NYC Techies: Bring Digital Talent into Public School Classrooms

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Andrew Rasiej, chairman of NY Tech Meetup, argues that tech talent can do more for kids and New York's tech sector, if talented programmers get more involved in the classroom.

In this week's New Tech City Quickie, where host Manoush Zomorodi talks with one smart person on one interesting topic, Rasiej lays out a vision for increasing civic engagement.

"The tech community is rising up and saying 'We can actually help here. We can actually develop programs, go into public schools and start teaching science and math, teaching teachers and actually building the future that we want as opposed to waiting for the government to respond,'" he says.  

It's part of a vision of "we government" replacing "e-government," and what Rasiej calls the "internet public" who are looking for ways to make the world a better place and to use technology to do it.

"The most important things that [technologists] could possibly do is go to the public school in their neighborhood, find the principal who is willing and give them some time," Rasiej says.