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CAB Minutes



CAB Members Present: Joyce Lannert (Chair), Judith Moldovar Cholst (Vice Chair), Lue Ann Eldar (Vice Chair), Sarah Lenigan (Vice Chair), Steven Rapkin (Vice Chair), Anita Aboulafia, Michael Bauman, John Bacon, Gary Brocks, Renee Cherow-O’Leary, Andrew Greene, Sue Hornik, Swati Khurana, Harriett Olsen, Ted Schweitzer, David Sztyk, Helen van der Voort


Station Representatives: Laura Walker, President of New York Public Radio, Brenda Williams-Butts, Senior Director of Community Engagement and Audience Development, Khim Davis, Manager of Community Engagement and Audience Development


1 member from the public attended


Joyce Lannert opened the meeting at 6:30 pm.


Joyce Lannert

  • Welcomed new members to the 2013-14 year.
  • Introduced Laura Walker.


Laura Walker spoke and answered questions from 6:35-7:25.

  • Station has 3 focuses: program content, digital reach, and listener services
  • Welcomes input and interaction with CAB; encourages contact through email if CAB members have concerns
  • Tries to target news to listeners’ interests (question from Joyce)
  • Commented on Pacifica Media (question from Andrew)
  • Not directly affected by NPR layoffs (question from Michael)
  • NJ staff now has 4-5 reporters; NJ Spotlight offered to Philadelphia; NJ is 1/3 of stations’ listeners (question from Steven)
  • Receives no funding from city or Bloomberg Foundation; station has expanded from 1 reporter when it went public to about 60 (question from John)
  • Tricky to accept funding from foundations;  referred to problems with Citizens United documentary and Rockefeller Foundation donation to study transportation (question from Harriet)
  • Concerned that some murder victims were referred to as prostitutes on news broadcast (LI story); said she would look into this issue further (question from Harriet)
  • Station doesn’t have a public editor, not clear that one is needed; individual shows sometimes have consultants when they’re struggling with an issue (question from Anita)
  • Wants to encourage programs on women’s issues, but should be for an audience of both men and women; audience is 51% women for WNYC; slightly more men for WQXR (question from Renee)
  • Experimental programming at off hours is a “good idea” (question from Michael)
  • Demographics of daytime and nighttime listeners aren’t that different.  AM station has more TV watchers, with a drop-off at night.  Younger listeners don’t listen to AM as much. (question from Judith)


Joyce discussed meeting with Laura Walker, Dean Cappello and Graham Parker over the summer about role of the CAB at 7:30

  • CAB will have 4 meetings with station each year.  Two will be geared to discussions between station executives and the CAB.  Two will encourage larger public participation about issues important to the public.
  • First of these meetings is on Oct. 21 with Dean Cappello about the news division.


Steven and Judith discussed their meeting in July with Graham Parker at 7:35.

  • Graham will meet with the CAB on Nov. 25
  • Graham discussed eliciting CAB suggestions for future festivals (Beethoven, Mozart, etc.).  He also mentioned possible CAB participation in a public outreach program which he asked to keep private for now until it is announced to the public.


Discussion of the CAB’s interaction with the community from 7:40-7:55.

  • Renee asked about the role of Listener Services.  Khim said she will prepare information on what this division does.
  • Harriet asked if the CAB participates in fund-raising.  The answer is no.
  • John suggested CAB members could make thank-you calls to donors as a way to reach the community.
  • Khim is the manager of community engagement.  The list of partner organizations is on-line.  Station has a presence at partner activities, e.g. a table at the Authors’ Fair in Brooklyn.  Jennifer runs the Ambassador Program.
  • Renee suggested holding some CAB meetings in other locations.
  • Board of Trustees meeting scheduled for Oct. 2 at 4 pm.  CAB is invited.


Discussion of CAB calendar.

  • November meeting set to Nov. 25.
  • Meetings will start at 6:30 instead of 7.


Joyce discussed CAB committees at 8

  • Lue Ann will head Outreach committee
  • Sarah will head Social Media committee (Facebook), asked people to be active on Facebook page.  Station can’t put CAB on main page – too many competing requests for space.
  • Recruitment committee
  • Helen volunteered to be secretary.  Harriet also volunteered to help.


Joyce adjourned meeting at 8:10 for social hour.

Social hour concluded at 8:30.