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CAB minutes January 27, 2014

6:30 pm. The Eliot Library, School for Ethical Culture

In attendance – Joyce Lannert (Chair), Judith Cholst, Sarah Lenigan, Ted Schweitzer, David Sztyk, Sue Hornik, Helen van der Voort, John Bacon, Renee Chernow-O’Leary, Anita Aboulafia, Andrew Greene, Gary Brocks, Lue Ann Eldar, Steve Rapkin, Keith Thomas (NYPR Board of Trustees), Jennifer from WNYC. Members of the public: David Sophel and John Knapp

Joyce Lannert (Chair) opened the meeting by asking if there were any comments from the Public. David Sophel said that the website needs to be clearer that the CAB meeting is open to the public

FACEBOOK/OUTREACH Sarah Lenigan went over the procedure to post on Facebook. There was some confusion and difficulty logging in as administrator. Sue Hornik suggested that we should comment under our own name. Sarah Lenigan reiterated that is is important to go back and check post, and then post in own name so it ends up on each wall where friends see it.

It was suggested that we add a CAB email address to Facebook page so the public can contact us directly. Joyce Lannert gave the assignment to figure out Facebook and Sarah Lenigan indicated she will be available to help.

WQXR INSTRUMENT DRIVE – We have not received specific dates yet, possibly the last week of February or the first week of March. John Bacon will post posters in library systems, and Joyce Lannert’s friend will post on Metro-North system. Joyce also asked for posters for CAB members to post in appropriate places. Keith Thomas asked whether we would be looking to the people receiving instruments as a source for CAB members?

RECRUITMENT – Last year we had a recruiting committee who reviewed existing board and identified needs. The committee talked to the station and received a list of partner organizations from whom to find individuals to fill needs. Some organizations responded, others did not. In the end, a total of 23 applicants were found and 12-14 were interviewed. We got good geographical coverage, but a heavy tilt to academics previously - now better. In 2014 we will be looking for more ethnic diversity. We should try to make the web mention of looking for members more targeted. Ideas to increase awareness of CAB application included a humorous spot during pledge week. Andrew Grene volunteered to ask to have the Moth make an announcement of the CAB. In the coming year we will target organizations again and add more, as well as attempt to advertise on air. Recruitment committee - Steve Rapkin, Lue Ann Eldar and John Bacon

FUTURE WORK – We need to enhance our own webpage. Recruitment committee will look at this in light of their charge.

STATION COLLABORATION – After meetings with Laura Walker, Dean Capello, and Graham Parker to find areas of collaboration, Dean Cappello, SR. VP of WNYC of has provided us an opportunity to participate in the Health Care pilot program feedback.  He provided a link to the Health Care pilot program, and Ms Lannert asked that we be prepared to comment or provide written comments at the February meeting. It would also be helpful to invite individuals to that meeting who may have an interest in Health Care. This is a very exciting opportunity for the CAB, and we should attempt to publicize it at the appropriate time.

Joyce Lannert closed the meeting by asking the public if they had any further comment.

David Sophel expressed concern about the number and content of sponsorship announcements. He also had problems finding the information on the CAB meeting and minutes. He suggested that Brian or Leonard interview us to raise awareness. He asked about budget, there is none.

John Knapp suggested that the announcement on radio for the CAB include full URL address. To expand diversity, etc. he also suggested a dial in number for people to listen in to understand what we do and suggested neighborhood break out meetings to expand diversity, etc.

Meeting adjourned 8:15.

Minutes submitted by Helen C. van der Voort