By Trolley, Train, Show Boat Or Surrey, These Musicals Will Move You

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Barbra Streisand does a lot of singing on transit — over the course of <em>Funny Girl, Funny Lady, Yentl</em> and <em>Hello Dolly </em>(above) she sings aboard a train, a plane, a taxi a tugboat, and an ocean liner.

When most people hear about NPR's Book Your Trip series (about transit-themed summer reading) they suggest book titles. But when movie critic Bob Mondello heard about it, he started humming show tunes. And that's what you'll be doing too, after you listen to this story about "trip" musicals — shows that transport you by car, boat, train, plane or surrey with a fringe on top. Click the listen link at the top of this page, and then watch the musical numbers below. Enjoy the journey!

We couldn't possibly fit all the travel-themed show tunes into six minutes. We hope you'll leave your favorites in the comment section below.

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