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A conversation with conceptual artist Sophie Calle, who has made an art of following other people's dictates. Also, something between documentary and fiction about homes large and small, from Australian radio producer Natalie Kestecher; a street medley from Walkman Buster Gideon D'Arcangelo; and fierce competition among adults playing Dodgeball.

Heard on the Street
...or, more accurately, on the shore ”“ at the Anacortes Ferry Terminal, gateway to the San Juan Islands near Seattle. Brought to us by independent radio producer David Welch.

From the world of competitive sports, we bring you this report on dodgeball ”“ for grown-ups. Next Big Thing contributor Dave Johns heads to Martin Luther King High School in Manhattan, where participants in the Fourth International Dodgeball Tournament of Champions take the game to a new level. Sort of. Produced by Amanda Aronczyk.

Real arguments, taken from the website "Learning to Love You More," and re-enacted by Jacob Weber and Jennifer Knox. Produced by Pejk Malinovski. "Learning to Love You More" is the creation of Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July.

Tailor Made
Size matters. That seems to be the reigning belief in this country, and the same holds true in Australia. But is it all that matters? Blending fact with fiction, Natalie Kestecher presents to us a world in which the answer is, unequivocally, "yes." Kestecher produced this piece with sound engineer Philip Ullman for Radio Eye, a program aired on the Australian Broadcasting Company.

Walkman Busting
A guy walks up to you on the street and asks you what's playing on your Walkman. You tell him. But wait - now he says he wants to listen, too. Before you know it, he's plugged his recorder into your player and he's taping your music. That's right, Gideon D'Arcangelo is at it again with his "Walkman Busting." Produced with Jill Krauss.

Living Fiction
Paris-based conceptual artist Sophie Calle has made a career out of looking for direction. She once followed a virtual stranger for a month, and at another point lived according to dictates laid out for her by novelist Paul Auster. During a visit to New York City, she retraces some of those unusual steps with host Dean Olsher. Produced by Emily Botein.

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