Bryan Ferry On His New Album; 'On The Town' Back On Broadway; Wordless Music Orchestra Plays 'Tubular Bells'

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Bryan Ferry's new album, 'Avonmore,' is out Nov. 17.

In this episode: English singer-songwriter Bryan Ferry rose to prominence in the 1970's as the leader of the art rock band Roxy Music. The impossibly dashing gentleman talks about his upcoming album, Avonmore.

Then: In honor of the latest Broadway revival of Leonard Bernstein’s On The Town, Soundcheck talks to an early cast member of the original show, as well as Carol Oja -- a historian who has written a book about Bernstein, Jerome Robbins and the rest of the young creative team behind this groundbreaking musical.

And: Members of the Wordless Music Orchestra unveil some of its new arrangement of Tubular Bells, the jovial Mike Oldfield classic that was used to such creepy effect in the movie The Exorcist.