Broomsticks, Marbles and Plastic Bottles as Art

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Marbles, broomsticks and plastic bottles with colorful water. Those are some of the favorite materials used by New York artist Tony Feher, on view in a new show at the Bronx Museum.

Feher has been collecting materials from the streets for about 20 years, and he said he can't live without them. "I always travel with a small bag of tricks," he said. "If I am in a hotel room for more than a few days, it becomes an installation."

Feher has a working studio in the Bronx, but lives in a small apartment in the East Village, which can be challenging. "My apartment looks like a landfill," he said. "When I collect things and take them home and they just pile up and pile up."

The show is on view until Feb. 9, 2014. Admission to the Bronx Museum is free.