Brooklyn Diver Dies Attempting Record

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Questions remain about the death of a Brooklyn-based diver who attempted to set a record for the deepest dive without the aid of oxygen or fins. 

The New York Times reporter Adam Skolnick was there for the International Free Diving Competition in the Bahamas on Sunday, and he spoke to WNYC's Amy Eddings about 32-year-old Brooklyn resident Nicholas Mevoli. Skolnick said Although the official autopsy results aren't in yet, Mevoli likely died from pulmonary edema, Skolnick said. He added that 800 cubic centimeters of fluid were pulled from Mevoli's lungs.

"I wouldn't say it's casting new doubt on the safety of the sport," Skolnick explained. "I think there's always been an acknowledgement that divers are doing it under their own risk....Nick knew the risk, and he took it."