Bronx Assemblyman's Bribery Conviction and Other Albany Scandals

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On the first formal day of the legislative session Monday, Assemblyman Eric Stevenson was convicted of bribery by a federal jury after he took $20,000 from adult day care developers in exchange for promising favorable legislation. Under state law, Stevenson is automatically removed from office. 

Meanwhile, Buffalo area Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak resigned over the weekend, after seven women accused him of sexual harassment. 

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver had no comment on Stevenson. But Silver, who had called for Gabryszak to leave, seemed relieved.

“I would assume enough of those allegations are true that he followed my request and resigned,” Silver said.

Another Assemblyman, Micah Kellner of Manhattan, who was censured by the Assembly ethics committee for sexual harassment, is demanding a hearing. Kellner was absent from Monday's session.