British Men Are Posting Their Nipples on Twitter in Protest

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British men are posting photos of their nipples on Twitter.

But let’s start at the beginning: On Tuesday The Times reported that The Sun, the top-selling paper in Britain, was putting a stop to its 44 year practice of publishing photos of bare-breasted women on Page 3 of the paper. The end of nude models on Page 3 was widely reported, and celebrated by those who’d campaigned for an end to the controversial practice (the Irish version of the paper stopped publishing the Page 3 photos in 2013).

Unfortunately, The Sun announced yesterday via Twitter that Page 3 would continue on as ever (Link NSFW), claiming they never planned to discontinue it in the first place.

In response, comedian Richard K. Herring has started a campaign against the return/non-cancellation/whatever the hell it is of Page 3, #sunmannips. Herring jokingly suggested that the paper start running bare-chested photos of men, and offered his own as a start:  

Male nipples of various (mostly very pale) stripes have joined in, some posted by the person attached to them, some by another.

Odds are the campaign isn’t going to stop the hulking edifice of capitalism and misogyny that enables Page 3 to continue, it’s a type of solidarity, sort of, I guess? 

(h/t The Independent)