Britain Seeks to Prevent The Publishing of Snowden's Leaks

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The saga of former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden continues. Over the last few days, Snowden's leaks have appeared in newspapers across Europe, revealing the NSA's vast spying campaigns from Spain to Germany.

British Prime Minister David Cameron appears ready to crack down on The Guardian, the news organization at the center of the leaks.

"What Snowden is doing and to an extent what the newspapers are doing in helping him doing what he's doing is frankly signaling to people who mean to do us harm how to evade and avoid intelligence,"  Prime Minister Cameron told the British press on Friday.

Louise Mensch is a former conservative member of Parliament. She's called for the government to crack down on The Guardian from the beginning. She explains her stance against The Guardian, and how she hopes the Snowden saga will finally end.