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Bringing the Internet to Public Housing, Your Neighbors and a Unicorn

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This week on New Tech City, we're crossing the digital divide. 

First up, some residents New York City's Housing Authority who use free WiFi vans run by the city to apply for jobs, shop online, pay bills and take care of other odds and ends on the internet. Then, there's Mike, a 50-something owner of a diner in Brooklyn who's never surfed the web. According to a recent Pew poll, there are millions of people just like Mike all around the country (h/t to our friends at TLDR, a new WNYC podcast about all things internet). Finally, your home WiFi: Should you nix the password and let anyone in range surf the web for free? Tech writer Brian Hall did. Maybe he'll convince you to do the same.

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WiFi on Wheels Rolls Into Public Housing

In areas of the city where New Yorkers don't have easy access to broadband, it can be difficult to find a job – or even a build a resume to get started. The New York City Housing Authority is trying to help some of its residents by rolling in WiFi on wheels.


Flowchart: Should You Open Your Home WiFi?

To open your home wireless internet, or not, that is the question. And to help you decide whether or not to do away with that long string of garbled letters and symbols allegedly protecting your internet, we made you a flowchart. 

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Peter Blume from Westchester, NY

This is wonderful!
Now with these ‘FREE WiFi vans’ maybe the need for ‘Welfare’ will finally be resolved!--either that or pretty soon you will not actually be able to tell the difference between the lifestyles of 'poor' people & working taxpayers!...except that the Worker Taxpayer is an idiot for actually going to work.

I just hope that some REAL stats are kept on how often the FREE internet is really being used for job applications or for paying bills (BTW last time I checked, the US Postal Service still delivers ‘snail mail’--which I what I use to pay to pay my bills...maybe it's not good enough for them?).

“Land of the Free(loaders) & Home of...the Double-Standard.”

Nov. 21 2013 09:27 AM

But where's the flowchart?

Nov. 20 2013 12:30 PM

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