Bridgegate Subpoenas: Only 4 of 20 Respond

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Responses to just four of the 20 subpoenas issued in the Bridgegate scandal have been provided to the special investigative committee in the New Jersey Legislature, WNYC has learned. The documents were due Monday.

Those complying are all current or former Port Authority officials: Philippe Danielides, aide to the authority Chairman; Cristina Lado, director for government and community affairs; Paul Nunziato, president of the police union; and Bill Baroni, the top Christie appointee who resigned for his involvement in the scandal.

According to someone familiar with the Legislature’s investigation, the 14 other people subpoenaed -- plus the office of the governor and the Christie campaign -- have either requested extensions or objected to the subpoena request.

Two key witnesses in the investigation -- Bill Stepien, Christie's former campaign manager, and Bridget Kelly, the governor's former deputy chief of staff -- have said through their attorneys that they would not comply with the subpoena, citing constitutional objections.

Federal investigators are also subpoenaing documents, including from Christie’s office. Those are due Wednesday.

Subpoenaed Documents Delivered On Time From:

  • Bill Baroni, former Port Authority Deputy Executive Director
  • Philippe Danielides, senior advisor to chairman, Port Authority
  • Cristina Lado, Director of Government & Community Relations, Port Authority
  • Paul Nunziato, President, Port Authority Police Department

Subpoenaed Documents Not Delivered On Time:

  • Bill Stepien, Christie Campaign Manager/Former Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Bridget Ann Kelly, former Christie Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Maria Comella, Christie Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications
  • Michael Drewniak, Christie Press Secretary
  • Nicole Davidman Drewniak, Fundraiser, Christie Campaign
  • Regina Egea, Christie Chief of Staff
  • Christina Genovese, Christie Director of Departmental Relations
  • Charles McKenna, Christie Chief Counsel
  • Evan Ridley, Christie aide
  • Colin Reed, Christie Deputy Communications Director
  • Kevin O'Dowd, former Christie Chief of Staff/Attorney General nominee
  • David Samson, Port Authority Chairman
  • Matt Mowers, New Hampshire GOP Executive Director/Former Regional Political Director, 2013 Christie Campaign 
  • David Wildstein
  •  Christie Campaign, 2013
  • Office of the Governor