Bridgegate in Five Minutes

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A sign directing New Jersey traffic toward the George Washington bridge.

Here's our quick primer on how a traffic jam in Fort Lee has put Gov. Chris Christie's presidential hopes in doubt.  Listen to Nancy Solomon and Matt Katz of New Jersey Public Radio discuss the story so far.  Or if you want the full treatment, listen to the complete stories:

1. New Jersey's New Political Party: Christiecrats

2. Port Authority To Review Fort Lee Lane Closures

3. NJ Lawmakers Ask Port Authority to Explain Abrupt Lane Closures at GWB

4. Christie Aide Linked to GWB Closures

5. NJ Mayors: Was Christie Getting Revenge on Me, Too?

6. Mayor Alleges Chris Christie Used Sandy Aid As a Political Pawn

7. NJ Storm Czar Refutes Claim Hoboken was Shortchanged

8. How Christie's Men Turned the Port Authority into a Poltiical Piggy Bank

9. Under Christie, Business Booms for Port Authority's Chief

10. The Power Broker: How Christie's Port Point Man Plays All Sides of Transit Deals