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Saturday, February 01, 2014 - 08:00 AM

Christie Transparency (First) | Conflicted Football Fans (Starts at 20:25) | Remembering Pete Seeger (Starts at 39:00)

We're trying something new on the Brian Lehrer Show -- three of our favorite segments from the week, edited together to listen to on the weekend, in case you missed them. If you don't subscribe to the Brian Lehrer Show on iTunes, you can do that here.


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In the passageway of the subway shuttle at Times Square men and women assault us with nonstop yelling at volumes that would not be tolerated if the subject was anything other than the bible and jesus. It is a curious exception to behavior in public spaces..especially in the confined space of a subway passageway...ever present police officers ignore the yellers who are disturbing the peace.

Feb. 04 2014 11:19 AM
Frank DeGregorie from Manhattan

I heard on a WNYC news report, at least two years ago, that the nothing had been done about noise in the subway for 15 years and that if the tracks are off by a very small amount it can create a lot of noise.
The noise in the subway is unbearable. Why don't they pay attention to it?

Frank DeGregorio

Feb. 04 2014 10:21 AM
Linda Williams Bowie from Englewood, New Jersey

To add more to the issues- has anyone thought that perhaps Wildstein has evidence of other vengeful acts that Christie put into place that would further show his unlawful behavior as he used the PA of NYNJ for his own personal vendetta's.
For example, No one has discussed or linked the fact that one of Christies' first acts as governor was to cancel the money for the new tunnel to NYC. The tunnel would have directly affected and improved the commute of so many of us that travel from north Jersey- Bergen County again (democratic) by NJ transit buses to NY via the Lincoln tunnel daily. And speaking of the tunnel and the awful backups once at the PA Bus terminal, it usually takes commuters by bus as long as 30 minutes just to get through the tunnel and into the drop off points in the PA Bus authority. It's my understanding PA Bus terminal favors south Jersey buses (allows them in and out first)when loading and unloading both in the morning and afternoon, again affecting democratic north jersey. In the afternoon there are lines wrapped around the terminal trying to catch buses to north Jersey. Why? The PA of NYNJ doesn't care about the citizens of north Jersey and this has been demonstrated time and again in myriad small and large ways since Christie took office.
Wonder why PANYNJ couldn't have negotiated with Bloomberg to build a larger more adequate PA bus terminal along the west side instead of building luxury apartments? Bloomberg stayed away from the corrupt PANYNJ

Feb. 03 2014 10:41 AM
James D'Addio from hastings


This goes to the nature of antics and moral tactics which this man is privy too. The rumor is that Todd CHristie purchased property in Harrison @ the mouth of a light rail opportunity a month before the Governor passed the bill to allow this project to go forward allowing for anyone owning this property should be in a good position to benefit. This sounds like people working with inside addition the brother Todd only filed a 13,000 tax income this doesn't jive for an investor. There is not hard evidence however the rumor gives me a nose for this type of behavior. In addition did the Governor ever go over the bridge andwas he delayed during the closing I remember it was a mess and the rumor was that there was no really good reason for the closing..

Feb. 03 2014 10:29 AM

One more, "for the road", from a fellow traveler:

" . . . So here we have it: a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge vs. a rogue president who selectively enforces the law, who governs by fiat, and who ruthlessly employs the engines of state coercion against those who get in his way. Mote, meet beam. Where’s St. Matthew when you need him?"

Feb. 02 2014 02:34 PM

The Christie camp's narrative for the latest Wildstein's attorney press release.

Of course now it seems appropriate to ask Christie when he knew that Wildstein was creating "a culture of fear within the Port Authority" and what he (Christie) thought about that. [Too complex for the general public? If not, you could have a Christie partisan on your show to answer that question - if you dare.]

Feb. 02 2014 12:46 PM

And don't forget the authorizer of all the financial industry salary bonuses, Christopher Dodd, sentenced to trying to get by in his senior years on his piddling pension and the salary he can earn.

Feb. 02 2014 12:01 PM

Christie Transparency and All That Jazz:

I'm no fan of Christie's. There is no smoking gun - yet. Only a self-serving statement, "press-released" by the attorney for a person who refused to testify on the matter when given the opportunity to do so. This is the worst kind of irresponsible press coverage.
"Remember the Maine, to hell with Spain!"

The coverage reminds me of the right-wing "scandal" publicity surrounding the IRS' unintentional targeting of anti-Obama groups during the 2012 presidential campaign

I am saddened that you are seeming to participate in the "pack journalism" on this issue in light of the guidelines contained in Jonathan Kern's "Sound Reporting" and in light of you Twitter retraction, on the same topic, for, what I took at the time to be, a merely thoughtless comment:

[ " Brian Lehrer Show @BrianLehrer @hicks136 @GonzalezSarahA You're right, that was poorly phrased - we've deleted. 08:33 PM - 21 Jan 14 " ]
[Why did I think that the voluntary deletion reminded me of the occupational duties of Orwell's Winston Smith.)

Don't bother to assert your freedom from journalistic standards, I'm aware you are not bound by any claimed standard of being "Fair, Accurate, Complete, and Honest" (maybe that caveat should be stated at the beginning of each show and printed on the show's web page?) You're only in the business of building an audience by "show casing" NPR reporters and stories that transgress those sentimental standards.

Should the formal investigation uncover any authenticated e-mails warning against giving any information about this traffic scam to Christie I expect you'll find it just as easy to "delete" these "mistakes".

Maybe you should see if anyone has the rights to "Absence of Malice II"

Feb. 02 2014 05:09 AM
Eric Sussman from Westchester NY

Great show and idea Brian!!
The Staten Island congressman that threatened the NY 1 reporter !! I think this is the way most Politicians operate!!!
Especially Chris Christie !! They think they own us,the people and the country! They can do no wrong!! They must be exposed for the hypocrites that they are!! He exposed who he really is, Now it's up to us,the people to hold these Politicians accountable for what they are!! He accidentally gave us a glimpse into how things are done behind-the-scenes in the political world !! I'm so sorry for us, the people, We are constantly being victimized by these Politicians !!

Jan. 31 2014 03:56 PM

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