After Four Decades, 'Nobody Owns Punk'

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Members of the band Priests L to R: Katie Alice Greer, G.L. Jaguar, Daniele Daniele, Taylor Mulitz.
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Though the exact year is debatable, punk rock broke through the mainstream 40 years ago. To celebrate, Cornell University is kicking off a five-day-long punk conference today.

When the genre began to develop four decades ago, it was primarily white male musicians at the forefront. Fortunately, punk music has become more diverse and inclusive since then — and the internet has played an integral part in disrupting the genre's former barriers of entry. 

Katie Alice Greer, frontwoman of the Washington, D.C.-based band Priests, reflects on punk's evolution, and how it might continue to change in the future. Click on the 'Listen' button above to hear our full conversation, and check out some songs from Priests below.