Public Advocate Candidates Bring Anti-Bloomberg Message to Campaign Trail

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The Hispanic Parade of Queens was one place to meet voters on Sunday

The election to decide the number two job in city government is a little more than a week away, and both candidates seem to be betting that an anti-Bloomberg message will resonate with voters.

Ask each candidate what distinguishes them from their opponent, and it seems they'd both rather talk about the Mayor.

Here's state senator Daniel Squadron:

“I think if you look at my record I took on the Bloomberg administration on homeless policy.”

And here's city council member Letitia James, a fellow Democrat:

“Listen I'm not an ally of the Mayor of the City of New York. I'm not a Bloomberg ally.”

James has a feisty public persona, while Squadron comes across more like a policy wonk. But both candidates seem to believe voters want a clean break with the Bloomberg era.

The runoff election for public advocate is Tuesday, Oct. 1.