Bored and Brilliant: The Personal Stories

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Last week, we gave you some numbers. But numbers don't tell the whole story  or, in fact, any of your 19,100 stories.

By asking you to put some thought into the ways you use your phones, we stumbled upon a fact that is, perhaps, obvious: No two phones (or phone users) are alike. Turns out, teenagers in Florida get kind of excited when you ask them to turn their cameras off for the day. Slovakians over 35 aren't smartphone crazy, but the younger set? At least one Bratislavan says she's struggling. And so on. We were fascinated, and we were surprised.

To learn more, Manoush made some phone (well, Skype) calls. Listen in the audio player above, or anywhere you like to listen to podcasts (iTunes, or on StitcherTuneInI Heart Radio, or RSS feed).