Business Book Club: Climate Change, Buyouts & the Koch Brothers

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Money Talking host Charlie Herman and regular contributors Joe Nocera of the New York Times and Rana Foroohar with Time magazine have a discussion about the business books they're reading this Memorial Day weekend.

Charlie Herman is reading Barbarians at the Gate by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar. "What I'm really curious to see is what has changed in the more than 20 years since this book was written in the Wall Street corporate culture...especially now when you see a lot of activist investors putting pressure on companies, and there are a lot of buyouts that are happening now."

Rana Foroohar is reading The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert and thinking about how companies are responding to climate change. "I've been thinking a lot about what this means for business. Because there are stories already about countries like the Netherlands, for example, that are exporting their dike technologies to different parts of the world where seas are rising."

Joe Nocera is reading the newly released Sons of Wichita: How the Koch Brothers Became America's Most Powerful and Private Dynasty by Daniel Schulman. "It's a surprisingly straightforward book. It's not a polemic in the way a movie that's about to come out — Citizen Koch — is a diatribe against them. But it really does tell you fascinating things about how, for instance, their father was one of the founders of the John Birch Society."