Bonus Weekend Podcast: Opposing the War in Iraq, While It Was Going On

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It’s hard to imagine that the theme of the Iraq war will subside in this presidential campaign, since the war in Iraq has fundamentally changed US foreign policy, and the state of terrorism around the world. Yet listening to how much the presidential candidates want to distance themselves from the supporting the war, it can be hard to remember how much unwavering support most American politicians had during the run-up. For this week’s Bonus Weekend Podcast, we’ve decided to unearth some interviews with key people who had a special insight into what was happening during the Iraq war. In 2006, guest host Philip Gourevich spoke with Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III, who was put in charge of supervising Iraq’s transition to democracy. Later that same year, Leonard spoke to Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, who became one of the Bush administration’s critics of claims that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. And in 2009, he spoke to Richard Haass, who served as a foreign policy advisor in both Bush Administrations, takes us inside their decision making processes during the Gulf War and the Iraq War.