Bonus Weekend Podcast: Junot Diaz, Toni Morrison, Andrew Solomon

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Tell us about the books that changed your life!

Our Bonus Weekend Podcast is a little late this week. Consider it your Bonus Monday Podcast. 

During this month’s Book Club, we asked our listeners to tell us about the books that changed their lives. So for our Bonus Podcast, we are playing interviews with some authors that have inspired out listeners. Our audience had a lot to say during our Book Club, and we've decided to bring them into our podcast well. In between interviews, and you will also hear our producers read some of our comments from our show page. We were so happy to hear from our listeners, and we don’t want that to end. We want more of you to tell us about the book that has made a big influence on your life. Send us a note of Facebook, Twitter, or our show page. Thanks for listening!

Music: "Dance of Love" by Lobo Loco