Bonus Weekend Podcast: Holiday Roasting, Baking, and Cookie Making!

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Dorie Greenspan's "Little Rascals"

As many of you are preparing your holiday meals this weekend, we wanted to inspire some great cooking ideas for our Bonus Weekend Podcast. Last week, award-winning chef and cookbook author Dorie Greenspan talked about baking Christmas cookies, and her new book of over 300 cookie recipes. If baking intimidates you a little, we’ve got you covered. In 2013 we spoke with Shirley Corriher, author of BakeWise and Chef Scott McMillan, a pastry art Instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, for our Please Explain: Baking! And to make sure your main course doesn’t go astray, we’ve included our interview with Michael Ruhlman from 2014 about perfecting the art of roasting. Enjoy!