Bonus Weekend Podcast: Creativity and Handwriting

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A young pupil writing on the blackboard at a school which specializes in teaching deaf children, April 1948.

Last Friday we dedicated our Please Explain to Handwriting, and as usual, we took your calls, questions, and comments. But one surprise was that we also received your pictures. Many of you sent us pictures of your handwriting, using cursive and calligraphy, on paper and post-it notes, and it kicked off a conversation about handwriting, creativity, and expressing yourself on paper, a conversation we want to continue on this Bonus Weekend Podcast.

We are taking a closer look these topics, and hopefully give you some more insight and inspiration for your own writing. Back in August, the former publishing director Richard Cohen discussed the the creative process behind the great writing of Tolstoy and other acclaimed writers. In 2009 Leonard interviewed Kitty Burns Florey, who had just released her book Script and Scribble: The Rise and Fall of Handwriting. And last year, the writer Karen Russell talked about her creative process and writing in the age of the smartphone.