Bloomberg's Legacy on Climate Change

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

View of Lower Manhattan, Battery Park, World Trade Center View of Lower Manhattan and Battery Park. (Stephen Nessen/WNYC)

Katherine Bagley and Maria Gallucci of Inside CLimate News talk about their new e-book “Bloomberg’s Hidden Legacy,” about how Mayor Bloomberg’s climate change policies are one of the positive legacies of his administration.


Katherine Bagley and Maria Gallucci

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Alan from Manhattan

Leonard Lopate commented that Mayor-elect de Blasio is moving to Gracie Mansion and humorously asked his guests whether that has any environmental impact. In fact, what is likely to happen is that the de Blasio family will be exposed to the fumes and round-the-clock noise of garbage trucks moving up York Avenue to deposit their load at Mayor Bloomberg's 91st Street Waste Transfer Station, which de Blasio has endorsed.

All New Yorkers owe it to themselves to read a superb article on the subject that appeared on September 3rd in the Huffington Post, "Bloomberg's Last Dump: The Great Upper East Side Garbage Swindle," by Matthew Chapman, which describes quite vividly the nature of the fumes and whom they will effect. Here is the link:

Dec. 17 2013 01:03 PM

Leonard is right: Bloomberg could help the environment by flying commercial to his weekend retreats. Bloomberg is a typical Limousine Liberal. (Then again, Bloomberg would never do that because he would have to go through the TSA porno scanner or groin grope like the rest of us peasants.)

(For all that I dislike about Bloomberg, I'm surprised this observation never occurred to me.)

Dec. 17 2013 12:39 PM
art525 from Park Slope

Oh and dboy aren't those bike lanes really redundant since bikers have those nice cement sidwalks to ride on. It's a shame that pedestrians insist on using them too.

Dec. 17 2013 12:38 PM
art525 from Park Slope

Hey dboy those painted lines that go across intersections are supposed to be crosswalks. The right of way to cross in them is enforced against bikers. Those lights hanging at the intersection that change from green to yellow to red, those are unenforced for bikers too.

Dec. 17 2013 12:35 PM
Amy from Manhattan

On boiler fuels, switching to lighter oils or natural gas is not that much better environmentally. They're just looking at the effect of combustion, not production (drilling & processing).

Dec. 17 2013 12:34 PM
art525 from Park Slope

Hey Leonard, just look around you. There are sliver rooves everywhere. I have a fourth floor co op in a brownstone and looking out my windows all the rooves are silver. Including ours. Silver reflects the heat of the sun.

Dec. 17 2013 12:32 PM
Charles from Tribeca

Tribeca has been over run with out of state chartered buses and double decker buses. Hundreds daily that sit idling for long periods of time with parking violation immunity, they race up and down narrow side streets. It's not only a air pollution issue but a big noise and congestion problem. Is this the mayors idea of green?

Dec. 17 2013 12:31 PM
art525 from Park Slope

Hey Leonard look out your window. I live onb the fourth floor of a Park Slope borwnstone and I see silver rooves all around us. We have a silver roof too.

Dec. 17 2013 12:25 PM

Some painted lines on the street purported to be "bike lanes" and COMPLETELY unenforced as such doth NOT a "Hidden Legacy" make!

Dec. 17 2013 12:25 PM
Betsy Lembeck

"he flys to the Bahamas all the time and that's not environmentally friendly" ?

that's a ridiculous comment, Leonard, and beneath you to take such a cheap shot. I'm surprised.

Do you not travel by plane to take vacation? If you had the stress of being the mayor of NYC I think you would need weekends in the Bahamas too (by plane). I'm not sure of the attitude you're taking toward these guests, but it feels a bit condescending...

Dec. 17 2013 12:23 PM
Dorothy from Manhattan

Only one comment so far. Obviously Bloomberg is SO over.

Dec. 17 2013 12:22 PM
sy from uws

It would be wonderful & democratic if the city (future mayor) will post (on the city website) lists of all proposed/ideas.

Dec. 17 2013 12:19 PM

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