Black Cosplay

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Harry and Gina Crosland cosplay as Superman and Wonder Woman
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Cosplay has gotten huge in the age of social media, but when websites feature photos and video from ComicCon, they often don't reflect the true diversity of the fans on the convention floor. Cosplayers Suqi Yomi and Brittnay N. Williams of the site Black Nerd Problems talk about the challenge of convincing other cosplayers that they can be whichever superhero they chose — not just the black characters. That's why they appreciate the hashtag #28DaysofBlackCosplay, which was created to coincide with Black History Month, but the hashtag can also be used as a "bat signal" for black cosplayers to find each other and create a sense of community. Harry Crosland and his wife Gina talk about why they like putting original spins on classic characters, and why the need to call out non-black cosplayers who don't understand that blackface shouldn't be part of any costume.

(Originally aired on Eric Molinsky’s podcast Imaginary Worlds)

Brittany N. Williams cosplays with a friend
Suqi cosplays as Raven from 'Teen Titans'
Harry and Gina Crosland cosplaying