Bing Crosby: Childhood Memories, a Musical Tribute

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As a child, White Christmas was one of my favorite films. My father's favorite? Easy answer - The Road to Morocco. Bing Crosby (as you may be aware) starred in both of these films. In our house, the television was always on and quite frequently, Bing Crosby's smiling face was on it. This made him, strangely, part of the family - or at least a large part of my childhood experience.

Over the years, I began to recognize the music from both of these films (and countless others) in places outside of my family home. The voice of Bing Crosby seemed to be everywhere. At the grocery store, in elevators, and yes, on the radio. Admittedly, this shocked me as a child (is his voice following me?), but as an adult I realize that Bing Crosby is everywhere.

During his 50+ year career Bing Crosby: recorded thousands of songs (one search revealed 7700+), appeared in over 40 films, was awarded 3 Best Actor Academy Awards and received 4 Grammy Hall of Fame Awards. As if none of that were enough, from 1946 until his death in 1977 he was co-owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates. It is apparent to me now, that Bing Crosby rarely slept.

Join us Saturday from 4 to 7PM, as we celebrate the legacy of the never-sleeping and hyper-prolific, Mr. Bing Crosby.