The Biology of Intimacy & Making Love Last

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What makes our heart race for the one we love? Why do we feel disappointment after a break up? What makes some relationships successful?

On a day dedicated to cheesy cards, overly-expensive dinners and a few roses, we look at the science that lies at the core of Valentine's day—the biology of love.

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New research suggests that the secret to long-lasting love might lie in neuroscience and biology. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and professor at the Center for Human Evolution Studies at Rutgers, explains her recent research on the scientific underpinnings of romance.

Standing the Test of Time

"How do we make love last?" is the question behind The New York Times's column "Making it Last," which profiled baby boomer couples who have been together over 25 years. Many of these couples faced obstacles along the way, but managed to preserve their partnerships. 

Today, one couple explains how. Jack Connelly and Bob Gaither began dating 37 years ago, in the late 1970s. At that time, they truly defied the odds, as a gay couple and an interracial couple. They share their story, along with the relationship lessons they've learned over the past few decades together.