Billy Idol Dances With Himself In A New Memoir; Samsaya Plays Live

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Billy Idol reveals details of his rockstar life in his new memoir Dancing With Myself.

In this episode: Punk rocker-turned-pop star Billy Idol can now also put “author” down on his resume -- he’s written a revealing new memoir, Dancing With Myself. The multiplatinum recording artist brings his signature lip-curling sneer to our studio to discuss his uncensored and intimate account – and his first new album in ten years.

Then: Samsaya has heart -- literally. The singer, who was born in India and raised in Norway, performs with a painted heart over her left eye, which she says represents openness. Musically, she mixes catchy pop melodies, complex Bollywood rhythms, complete with the heart of soul. Hear her perform songs from her latest album, Bombay Calling in the Soundcheck studio.