Big Sounds, Small Ensembles


For this New Sounds program, listen to smaller groups who are capable of large expansive sounds.  There’s music by the Cinematic Orchestra, led by keyboardist/composer Jason Swinscoe, which is surely filmic in scope, while informed by jazz and electronica.  Then, sample music by bass player Skúli Sverrisson & sax player Óskar Guðjónsson, from a record that they did together, “Box Tree,” which comes folded up in a map.

Also, hear small ensemble music from Norwegian sax player & composer Marius Neset from a gorgeous folk-infused and jazzy opus, “Birds.”  Plus, listen to music from Basque country by Oreka Tx and a trio record from the Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger, featuring the mbira.

PROGRAM # 3455, Big Sounds, Small Ensembles  (First aired on 4/15/2013)                                                          





Skuli Sverrisson and Oskar Gudjonsson

The Box Tree

Afternoon Variant [3:51]

Philip Glass Ensemble, feat. Jack Kripl, soprano saxophone


Glassworks: Facades [7:19]

CBS/Sony 37265
Available at, iTunes or

Ernst Reijseger

Down Deep

Shaped By The Tide [5:32]

Winter & Winter 910 197 OR

Marius Neset


Math of Mars [5:02]

Edition Records EDN1040
due out April, 16, 2013
Or download from

Cinematic Orchestra

In Motion #1

Entr'acte, excerpt [10:30]

Ninja Tune Zen CD 183P

Oreka Tx

Quercus Endorphina

Txalaparta Dantza [2:04]

Resistencia  #110 / Elkar
Available at or Download via

Steve Elson’s Lips and Fingers Ensemble

Lips and Fingers

Eye Deal [3:11]

Open Minds 2406
Out of print. Try

Jussi Reijonen


Naima, excerpt [8:00]