Beyond the Border: The Future of US-Mexico Relations

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Much of President Trump’s populist support comes from people who are deeply worried about globalization and immigration. But Trump’s pro-border wall and anti-NAFTA stance has strained US-Mexico relations. Can the two nations find common ground and work past the rhetoric? 

Join America Abroad for a lively town hall discussion linking experts and audiences in Washington, DC and Mexico City. This live event was hosted by Joshua Johnson of the public radio program 1A. 

Listen Friday, June 9 at 11pm on AM820

Washington, DC Panelists 

Jose Cardenas: formerly of the State Department and USAID, he now runs Vision Americas, a consulting firm.

Doris Meissner: former commissioner of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service during the Clinton administration, she’s now a senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute.

Peter Skerry: professor of political science at Boston College and contributor to the Weekly Standard and National Affairs.

Mexico City Panelists

Rodrigo Cervantes: Mexico City bureau chief of Arizona public radio station KJZZ.

Monica Serrano: professor of international relations at the College of Mexico.