Beyond Black: Scientists Invent the World's Darkest Material

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An image of Vantablack - the darkest material known to man.
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Batman, Coco Chanel, and Johnny Cash—they all had a thing for classic black. But the British technology company Surrey Nanosystems has invented a new material that's so strikingly dark, it makes these icons look like they're wearing faded gray.

The material, called Vantablack, will vastly improve astronomical cameras and telescopes for scientists and the military. It's considered the darkest material known to man.

What's really revolutionary about this Vantablack is that it's a color the human eye has never seen before. The "blacker than black" material, which absorbs all but 0.035 percent of visual light, looks more like a black hole on Earth.

Dr. Stephen Westland, a professor of Colour Science at University of Leeds, explains this new technology, and the science behind the color black.

Check out some more photos of Vantablack below.