Beyoncé, Bandcamp And Bob Dylan: The Week In Music News

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Beyoncé, Bob Dylan and Bandcamp: Highlights of the week in music news.

With stories about politics and international affairs dominating the news cycle, it can be easy to miss what's going on in the world of music. To help with that, NPR Music has a Friday roundup of what was on its radar this week.

Of course, even the music industry has had its sights trained on politics; musicians and other industry players around the globe responded forcefully this week to President Trump's executive action on immigration. But a brief, internet-breaking respite arrived Wednesday with the week's biggest music news. In two words: Beyoncé. Twins.

Jacob Ganz, senior editor at NPR Music, spoke with NPR's Audie Cornish about that announcement and some other highlights from this week. Listen at the audio link for their full conversation and dive deeper with the links below.

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