Beware Hidden Hotel Fees

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Scott Mayerowitz reports that the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas charges a $25 a day "personal use fee" if guests put their own soda or bottled water in the minibar. (Ken Lund/Flickr)

Hotels have collected a record $2.25 billion in fees this year. That’s a 6 percent jump over last year and nearly twice that of a decade ago.

The surcharges include a fee for guaranteeing a bed type, checking in early or late, and items and services that hotel guests may or may not have used. This is all according to a study released today by New York University Hospitality School.

“The airlines have done a really nice job of making hotel fees and surcharges seem reasonable,” Bjorn Hanson, a professor at the school, told the Associated Press.

AP reporter Scott Mayerowitz tells Here & Now’s Sacha Pfeiffer, “there’s no consistency out there, it’s very hard for travelers to know of these in advance.”


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